Buying A Car For All The Wrong Reasons


Not all cars come with full bumper to bumper coverage for insurance and warranties. The good thing is that you can get this added for a price. The main question is what are the costs that you may have to pay? This simply depends on the make, model and year of the vehicle. The older the vehicle the more it will cost you for a warranty however the older the vehicle the less it will cost you for insurance.

I know, it sounds like you cannot win. Well, I always say you can save the most money by walking but who can afford to walk in today’s world. Walking could cost you even more money if you can’t get to work on-time. Yep, this doesn’t always work for most and now we can basically use a calculator to judge what is the most affordable. Public transportation is the cheapest in terms of taking a bus but may not be the safest way to conveniently get around.

Can you notice that there are always ups and downs for most of these instances involving getting from one place to the next? We know this all too well and may never change as long as people are wanting to get to point a to point b without using a straight line no matter what Texas buy here pay here dealer they want to purchase from. Some even want to get to the straight line in an expensive Lamborghini and some just want to get in their Honda Accord.

No matter which one proves to be the best or most exotic. We look and want to have people enjoy their life in the easiest happiest way possible. So spending more at a car dealership to impress yourself or the opposite sex may get you a few cool points but may also costs you a couple points in your bank account.

Let me tell you it has cost me thousands of dollars and I would never wish any hardship on anyone that is only purchasing a debt burden to yet only impress their friends or love ones. The pain and agony is not worth the benefit in the long run. Besides most people know you well, also they know if you’re are just doing something to impress or just doing it for self gratification.

We hope that you will do it from the love from within and stay within the boundaries of your finances so that way you can live happy and peaceful going forward.