Usain Bolt – World’s Greatest Athlete

usain-boltThe XXX Olympiad in London, England offered an opportunity for Usain Bolt-World’s Greatest Athelete to state his case in resounding form on the track inside the Olympic Stadium. He showed his prowess on the track and made it clear to other athletes, fans, and journalists that he is the greatest athlete to have ever lived.

Usain Bolt was born August 21, 1986 in Trelawny, Jamaica. He was raised in poverty, but able to flourish due to his athletic ability. He trained his whole life for those golden moments on the track and field. His areas of expertise are the 100m Sprint and 200 meter sprint. He also runs the 4×100 relay and the 4×400 relay.

Bolt can use his 6 medals for his events to bolster his claim that he is the world’s greatest athlete. He also has the record for the fastest 100m and 200m sprints ever. This year he helped his team win the 4×100 relay and broke the record for that race at the same time.

Among both athletes and fans there is good natured debating over whether he is in fact the greatest athlete. While it may be a matter preference for fans, there can be no debating he is certainly the fastest runner to have ever raced in the Olympics.

Usain was asked by journalists if he will be participating at summer games in Rio. He said he would be there, but he did not know if he would be racing. He went on to explain that he has accomplished his goals and he also noted that younger runners are coming up and he was not sure if he would be up to racing. Bolt plans to sit down with his coach and discuss the merits of participating in another Olympics.

Most athletes will wait until they are closer to time trials and other processes before committing to another Olympic games. Training is tiring and time consuming. Some athletes have stated clearly they will not be returning in 2016. They have done what they set out to do and feel they have nothing else to prove to themselves or the world. Some of them have even indicated that there are other things they want to do now.

Usain Bolt has enjoyed many benefits to his fame as the world’s fastest man. He has enjoyed multiple paid endorsements for sports equipment, clothing, and foods to the tune of over $9 million dollars. If he feels strong and ready for all the activity and wants the physical and emotional charge of representing his country he will very likely return once again. He is still a young man now at 26, but in 4 years he will be pushing 30. Who knows how he will feel in four years?

The world will have to wait and see what he and his coaches decide is best for both him and his country. Jamaica is a good, strong competitive nation with a giant heart. Its heart will roar with or without Usain Bolt.